With versatile systems and filter elements that offer tailored solutions for customer requirements in various application areas, we are a reliable partner for industrial applications, marine industry and operators of windpower stations. As diverse as the products for filtration and separation are, there is one thing they all have in common: They are designed to keep operations up and running for our customers. Our filter systems are custom-made for the relevant modules. The high-quality standards and the innovation of our products are reflected in their reliability and functionality. The large selection of different systems ensures that the optimal product will be quickly available.




  • We help you decrease downtime and increase productivity.
  • The more efficient that processes are, the more productive and profitable businesses can be. Downtime caused by equipment failure costs time and money and can create unsafe job environments. We work closely with our customers to design, test and manufacture solutions that improve efficiency and productivity.
  • We help automobile and industrial manufacturers improve the quality of their operations and protect sophisticated equipment from harmful dust and other contaminants. Refineries, gas-processing and petrochemical plants rely on our products to increase yields, protect essential gas and liquid transmission pipelines. By helping to reduce emissions that protect the environment, we are lighting the way for future generations.
  • Longer service life, higher operational safety, lower maintenance requirements, and more efficient use of resources the performance of our systems pays off for you and for the environment. For the treatment, cleaning and filtration of hydraulic and lubricating fluids as well as control oils, you can benefit from our decades of expertise, extensive standard product range, and custom specific solutions that meet individual requirements.
  • We help you to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Sludge and bilge, we reduce the amount to a minimum, and this is a more cost efficiency and environmental solution.

Hydraulic Filtration

The efficiency of large industrial plants is directly linked to a smoothly functioning stationary hydraulic system. For that reason, we design efficient solutions for purification of hydraulic fluids for makers of aggregates or injection mould machines. Optimal filter solutions are a success factor in hydraulic systems: Longer service intervals, reliable indicators for when a filter element needs to be changed and constant performance capacity over the entire service life reduce wear and tear on the machine parts. We strengthen your hydraulic system for your big tasks.

The functionality and capacity utilization of systems that supply multiple plants and machines simultaneously is defined by a clean and efficient distribution of lubrication. Along with intact components and a leak-free process circuit, continuously cleaned hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils are a basic necessity for operation at full capacity. Components and systems from us excel with outstanding filtration and a long service life. Separation systems from us also ensure clean treatment of oil, which can thus be used for longer periods of time.

Portfolio includes:

  • Pressure Filters
  • Duplex Filters
  • Suction Filters
  • Return Line Filters
  • Suction Return Line Filters
  • Breather Filters



Filtration for Marine and Fuel

Our partner, we are committed to making transportation more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more comfortable. We are continuously optimizing the combustion engine, driving forward the use of alternative fuels, and laying the foundation for the widespread acceptance and worldwide introduction of e-mobility.

Based on a broad systems competence consisting of Engine Systems and Components, Filtration, and Thermal Management, the group’s product portfolio addresses all the crucial issues relating to the powertrain and air conditioning technology.

Our product portfolio demonstrates our unique systems with:

Fuel filtration down to NATO Class fuel

  • OWS down to 1 ppm


Efficient and environmentally friendly!

 With products from the field of separation, we provide reliable systems that strike an excellent balance between economy and ecology. Highly efficient filtration and separation solutions for a wide range of applications, such as oil separation for bilge and surface water, ballast water treatment, or water removal from engine and transmission oils, protecting hydraulic, transfer, and circulation systems, are supported by tailor-made customer service. Raw oil or industrial washing baths can also be treated economically with our separation systems.


Industrial Air

For air pollution control, we offer filter systems, components and accessories that meet the highest standards of de-dusting technology. The experience gained over decades of development can also be seen in the design, choice of materials and construction of filter cartridges, which can be optimally integrated into the respective production stages. The solutions, which reliably and thoroughly remove dust from air and other gases, contribute to a longer service life of machines in industrial production, as well as to a healthier work environment and a cleaner environment. A sensible investment that is anything but a shot in the dark. We offer a large selection of filter media for dust filter cartridges. This ensures that the right solution can be found for virtually any application. Special surface materials with web coating, PTFE membrane or meltblown micro-fibers guarantee a cost-optimized and reliable continuous operation of dedusting systems.

For the pharmaceutical and food services industry, FDA-approved materials are available. Filtrair’s fine and coarse filter media are 100% synthetic. The high-performance fibres consist of a multi-layer technology with progressive density and have a very high dust absorption with optimal pressure drop behaviour. Filtration has a unique hydrophobic media line that has been specially developed as a low-pressure pre-filter for pleated static cartridge fine filters of combustion engines and air intake systems.

This media line offers a number of valuable benefits:

  • Significantly longer life of static cartridges
  • Easy and fast installation and replacement
  • Coalescing function in high humidity conditions.

Process Filtration

For production processes where profitability depends on continuous operation, we offer a wide range of automatic filters. They are extremely powerful, automatically self-cleaning and make the use of additional chemicals for cleaning process fluids unnecessary. Thanks to the continually advancing development of material and design, the filter systems from us keep up with rising requirements for product quality and resistance capability of components in continuous operation. With optimal cleaning of lubricants and fuels, as well as process- and wastewater, the automatic filters increase the service life of machines and lessen the need for process fluids or wash media. This results in an end to exploding costs and environmental contamination.

In industrial facilities of today it is essential that the production is safe and conserves resources from the very start. An ecologically and economically sensible filtration of drinking, process and waste water is therefore an important component of the respective industrial process. The products of PS-Itech stand as innovations of development and reliably deliver results to industry in drinking-, process- and wastewater.

In the filtration and homogenization of low- and high-viscosity fluids, as well as pastes, our automatic metal-edge filters offer universal application possibilities. The compact inline filter systems can be outfitted with semi- or fully automatic cleaning. The cleaning process is realized through the rotation of the filter element against a spring actuated scraper.

Strainers offer perfect protection against large particles; cost effective in protection of tubes, treatment and conservation of fluids. Our delivery program includes simplex, duplex strainers, as well as special designs that are configured for specific filtration applications. Cleanable metal filter elements guarantee the simplest cleaning and ease of use with a long service life.

FlowGuardSM is a compact, connection-ready bypass filtrationg module consisting of circulating pump, pre-filter, maintenance cartridges and an integrated control unit. It can be easily installed on existing cooling lubricant tanks. With its newly developed and innovative treatment process, it reliably protects people and equipment, reducing service and maintenance costs.


Our separation systems ensure that oil, fuel and bilge or surface water are processed in an equally economic and ecological way over a wide range of application scenarios. Thanks to the proven coalesce process which uses the different physical properties for separating liquids, the systems are efficient, low-maintenance and function without the use of additional chemicals. Combined with the comprehensive service, Filtration Group offers customized solutions for shipping, wind energy and industry.

The oil-water separator does important work, especially in industry, with the washing bath treatment, the treatment of industrial wastewater, industrial parts cleaning and process water treatment. It is robust, has a compact housing and is highly effective in single-stage separation under pressure. In power plants, the MESB is also used in the treatment of process and surface water.
In multiphase separation (MPS), oil, water and solids are separated by being swirled in a separation step. The solids slide along the surface of the separation profiles, and the oil collects on the profiles and forms larger drops there. These oil drops rise upward and are dissipated there. In a second stage, the mechanical emulsion and foam breaker (MESB), the coarsely purified water in the coalescer element flows through a microfiber bed, in which even the finest oil droplets are combined and float upwards into the oil collecting dome. With an additional membrane stage the remaining oil contents can thus be reduced to under 1 ppm.
The non-pressurized oil-water separator is used for maintenance of industrial washing baths and water-based cooling lubricants, from which external oils need to be removed. After separation, the oil film flows on top of the dispersion medium to the system outlet, where it drains through a height-adjustable groove.

The BilgeProtect combines proven technology with innovative technology: An integrated control system indicates maintenance intervals, among other information, signals malfunctions and saves measurement data. Upon request, the BilgeProtect is also available with a remote monitoring system.

With the two-stage separator, the multiphase separation and the mechanical emulsion and foam breaker are each placed in a single pressure tank. It is primarily designed for the treatment of bilge water and with its modular design is very well suited for retrofitting of old ships.

The treatment of oil and fuels is based on the coalescer process. When the contaminated water swirls, larger drops of water form on the filter surface and sink down into a tank. If a smaller residual water content results, an additional separation system is positioned downstream of the coalescer elements. Here the oil or the fuel flows through a water-resistant membrane, which itself retains very fine water droplets. In this way the residual water content can be reduced down to 70 ppm. The coalescer process makes the use of centrigues or chemical additives unnecessary.

The efficient fuel treatment system prevents concentrations of free water from rising above 70 ppm. It thus acts as an effective protection against the “diesel oil pest”. The single-stage system is used primarily in shipping, preventing engine damage and system failure. Because of its compact design, it takes up little space in the engine room of a ship. In the version as OFWA, the system is also used e.g. for dewatering hydraulic oils.

The OTS Crude Oil Dewatering system is the last word in raw oil deoiling. The system combines multi-phase separation, mechanical emulsion and foam breaker (MESB) and membrane filtration in one system and reduces the residual water content to less than 0.1%. The CWD / OTS is primarily used in the oil and gas industry and is individually adapted to the medium and the required purity level. The flow capacity reaches from 10 m3 to 100 m3 per hour. The system can optionally be run in fully automatic mode

Water Treatment

Filtration plays a vital role in the production of safe water for consumer and industrial use. With the supply of water to millions of residential and commercial properties worldwide, we understand the necessity for high quality filtration products.

Our laboratory continues innovating filtration techniques to meet the requirements of worldwide governing bodies and regulations. Water filtration is a significant stage within the wastewater treatment process and involves multiple cycles including flocculation, coagulation and sedimentation. The laboratory team guarantees that our products will perform to the maximum level and produce high quality results. This aligns with our mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.

Water treatment filtration is demanded in many market sectors including FOOD AND BEVERAGEMINING AND MINERALSPOWER GENERATIONBUILDING PRODUCTS (sand, gravel and cement), TRANSPORTATION and PULP AND PAPER.

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