The efficiency of large industrial plants is directly linked to a smoothly functioning stationary hydraulic system. For that reason, we design efficient solutions for purification of hydraulic fluids for makers of aggregates or injection mould machines. Optimal filter solutions are a success factor in hydraulic systems: Longer service intervals, reliable indicators for when a filter element needs to be changed and constant performance capacity over the entire service life reduce wear and tear on the machine parts. We strengthen your hydraulic system for your big tasks.

The functionality and capacity utilization of systems that supply multiple plants and machines simultaneously is defined by a clean and efficient distribution of lubrication. Along with intact components and a leak-free process circuit, continuously cleaned hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils are a basic necessity for operation at full capacity. Components and systems from us excel with outstanding filtration and a long service life. Separation systems from us also ensure clean treatment of oil, which can thus be used for longer periods of time.

Portfolio includes:
• Pressure Filters
• Duplex Filters
• Suction Filters
• Return Line Filters
• Suction Return Line Filters
• Breather Filters


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