For air pollution control, we offer filter systems, components and accessories that meet the highest standards of de-dusting technology. The experience gained over decades of development can also be seen in the design, choice of materials and construction of filter cartridges, which can be optimally integrated into the respective production stages. The solutions, which reliably and thoroughly remove dust from air and other gases, contribute to a longer service life of machines in industrial production, as well as to a healthier work environment and a cleaner environment. A sensible investment that is anything but a shot in the dark. We offer a large selection of filter media for dust filter cartridges. This ensures that the right solution can be found for virtually any application. Special surface materials with web coating, PTFE membrane or meltblown micro-fibers guarantee a cost-optimized and reliable continuous operation of dedusting systems. For the pharmaceutical and food services industry, FDA-approved materials are available. Filtrair’s fine and coarse filter media are 100% synthetic. The high-performance fibres consist of a multi-layer technology with progressive density and have a very high dust absorption with optimal pressure drop behaviour. Filtration has a unique hydrophobic media line that has been specially developed as a low-pressure pre-filter for pleated static cartridge fine filters of combustion engines and air intake systems. This media line offers a number of valuable benefits: • Significantly longer life of static cartridges • Easy and fast installation and replacement • Coalescing function in high humidity conditions.

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