For production processes where profitability depends on continuous operation, we offer a wide range of automatic filters. They are extremely powerful, automatically self-cleaning and make the use of additional chemicals for cleaning process fluids unnecessary. Thanks to the continually advancing development of material and design, the filter systems from us keep up with rising requirements for product quality and resistance capability of components in continuous operation. With optimal cleaning of lubricants and fuels, as well as process- and wastewater, the automatic filters increase the service life of machines and lessen the need for process fluids or wash media. This results in an end to exploding costs and environmental contamination.

In industrial facilities of today, it is essential that the production is safe and conserves resources from the very start. An ecologically and economically sensible filtration of drinking, process and wastewater is, therefore, an important component of the respective industrial process. The products we have stand as innovations of development and reliably deliver results to industry in drinking-, process- and wastewater.

In the filtration and homogenization of low- and high-viscosity fluids, as well as pastes, automatic metal-edge filters offer universal application possibilities. The compact inline filter systems can be outfitted with semi- or fully automatic cleaning. The cleaning process is realized through the rotation of the filter element against a spring-actuated scraper.

Strainers offer perfect protection against large particles; cost-effective in protection of tubes, treatment and conservation of fluids. Our delivery program includes simplex, duplex strainers, as well as special designs that are configured for specific filtration applications. Cleanable metal filter elements guarantee the simplest cleaning and ease of use with a long service life.

FlowGuardSM is a compact, connection-ready bypass filtration module consisting of circulating pump, pre-filter, maintenance cartridges and an integrated control unit. It can be easily installed on existing cooling lubricant tanks. With its newly developed an innovative treatment process, it reliably protects people and equipment, reducing service and maintenance costs.

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