With versatile systems and filter elements that offer tailored solutions for customer requirements in various application areas, we are a reliable partner for industrial applications,

Exhaust gas emission cleaner

Our exhaust gas emission cleaner is optimised for removal of NOX, SOX & PC from fossil fuel combustion. The solution is available as individual unites or as an integration solution with multiple units.

Oil Filtration

Impurities in the oil of hydraulic and lubrication systems cause of up to 80% of all machine breakdowns and production stops.

Diesel Filtration

Complete systems for removing water and particulates from diesel. our systems are ideal for keeping fuel in pristine condition for diesel engines and generator sets. Common applications include polishing fuel for any installation where fuel quality and reliability is critical.

GIEBEL Adsorber

Adsorbers ensure that moisture and oil mist have no chance of entering the system.

More productive & profitable

The more efficient that processes are, the more productive and profitable businesses can be. Downtime caused by equipment failure costs time and money and can create unsafe job environments. We work closely with our customers to design, test and manufacture solutions that improve efficiency and productivity.

Optimal products

As diverse as the products for filtration and separation are, there is one thing they all have in common: They are designed to keep operations up and running for our customers. Our filter systems are custom-made for the relevant modules. The high-quality standards and the innovation reflected in reliability and functionality. The large selection of different systems ensures that the optimal product will be quickly available.

Our Mission

Deliver total life-cycle solutions focusing on improving asset integrity, reducing cost and environmental footprint. We provide services and skilled personnel within a wide range of multidisciplinary tasks.