GIEBEL Adsorber

Adsorbers ensure that moisture and oil mist have no chance of entering the system.

Why is it necessary to avoid condensation?

Oil in hydraulic units, gearboxes and transformers expands during operation due to heat generation and contracts again when a system comes to a standstill due to cooling. Air is forced out of the system, or drawn in, to equalize the pressure. If this air is not filtered, humidity enters the system. It condenses inside and gets into the hydraulic or transmission oil in droplet form. Condensation water damage as well as contamination of the oil are the results. The same happens in tanks, barrels & IBCs when air flows in to equalize pressure during emptying.

  • Protects hydraulic power packs from condensation damage
  • Adsorbers designed for the separation of oil mist
  • Adsorbers designed for air drying
  • Refilable and eco friendly versions

Reusable & Long-term use

  • To avoid plastic waste as far as possible, we take back adsorber cartridges and reuse them.
  • Our aluminum and stainless steel adsorber series are ideal for a long-term use - even in harsh environments.

Rechargeable & Regenerable

  • With our rechargeable adsorbers in combination with spare parts kits you can use the parts of an adsorber as long as possible.
  • The silica gel in our adsorbers is regenerable - at 120 °C in a commercial oven.