Oil Filtration

Impurities and contamination in the oil of hydraulic and lubrication systems cause of up to more than 80% of all machine breakdowns and production stops.

We are aiming to find the best total system solution for the application.

Central areas

Our oil filters solutions perform total oil purification by removing solid particles, sludge, varnish and water from all industrial oil types.

  • Reduce production downtime
  • Low cost, high-efficiency filtration
  • No oil heating
  • Remote monitoring and safety system
  • Water removal

MicFil oil filters

Our filter systems improve the lubricating properties of the engine oil many times, even compared to fresh oil. We also achieve significantly more efficient combustion of fuel.

  • Save 80-90 % oil
  • Eliminate approx. 98 % of all bacteria
  • Significantly reduce spare parts demands
  • Significantly reduce the downtime of your machinery


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