Measurement and Testing Technologies
  • Measuring on the bolting joint
  • Inspection of bolting tools
  • Control of the torque wrenches
  • Storage and documentation

When our central measurement and control unit are used together with transducers and testing equipment, the unit allows detailed and precise torque measurements during the bolting process and lets you store and document the results. Moreover, the unit also makes it possible to control bolting tools based on precise torque settings.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Our hydraulic torque wrench sets new standards in almost any bolting situation thanks to its outstanding properties including speed, accuracy, ergonomics and safety.

We offer several tools to help railway technicians bolt tracks with extreme accuracy and safety. We also work with railway companies to design and build custom tools to meet industry-specific applications.


Comprehensive system solutions through development partnership
Optimally coordinated filter performance Flexibility in execution

In-house sample/prototype construction Universal applications
Broad range of technological and application expertise

Designed and tested in accordance with DIN and ISO standards with the corresponding industry approvals

Custom framed filter assemblies with tailored media configurations allow designers to specify the optimal filter for applications as a more desirable alternative to non-compliant off-the-shelf products.

Air filter products are available in low pressure drop and high dust loading configurations and meet UL for MIL-SPEC applications.

Fire retardant filter media is available in cleanable open cell foam or disposable non-woven polyester.

EMI shielding requirements are met with aluminum honeycomb, available as Dual EMI air filters or EMI vent panels.


This two-stage unit filters the fuel as FTS or the oil as OTS before the water separation in the coalesce elements, which increases the performance and service life of the equipment in case of contamination with larger solid particles

Our filter systems keep the ship’s engine running and help to reduce the environmental impact of shipping on the oceans. We masters the challenge of combining maximum performance with minimum space requirements.

The optimal product offering around separation, hydraulic filtration and bilge water de-oiling complements an excellent support service: If necessary, our technicians even stays on board to ensure the functionality of the filter systems at full speed minimizing the downtime of the vessel..

The efficiency of the individually e filters in the first stage can adapted to the medium and requirements. There are potential applications in shipping, industry and in power plants.

Filter down to NATO Class fuel. Systems from 0,6 M3/h to 250 M3/h


Every yacht, every container-, freight- or passenger ship has complex technology that has to work properly despite numerous external influences. For protection of different drives, hydraulic equipment and systems from contamination or corrosion over time, We offers a wide-ranging portfolio of filter and separation solutions for any application area both on and below deck. All products can be flexibly adapted to the structural conditions of any type of ship and reliably clean all of the fluids that keep ships running, and productive. It goes without saying that filtration and separation standards comply with international standards

Hydraulic & SMO Oil

2 and 3 stage complex technology is built into every asset, which must function perfectly even in wind and weather.

To protect the various hydraulic systems on and below deck from contamination and corrosion, we offers a broad portfolio of filter and separation solutions, including filter elements – original parts or replacement elements that are compatible with other filter systems.

They reliably clean all liquids to keep the ship running and thus its profitability.

All filtration and separation solutions meet international standards and are approved by leading marine companies.

Reliable, Flexible & Capable

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