Our filter systems keep the ship’s engine running and help to reduce the environmental impact of shipping on the oceans. We masters the challenge of combining maximum performance with minimum space requirements.

The optimal product offering around separation, hydraulic filtration and bilge water de-oiling complements an excellent support service: If necessary, our technicians even stays on board to ensure the functionality of the filter systems at full speed minimizing the downtime of the vessel.

The efficiency of the individually e filters in the first stage can be adapted to the medium and requirements. There are potential applications in shipping, industry and in power plants.

Filter down to NATO Class fuel. Systems from 0,6 M3/h to 250 M3/h

Continuously removes unwanted particles Filtering of hard soft and fragile particles (from 30μ)
Minimum media loss (back wash filter)
Reliable and low operatin75% less a g costs (energy)
No use of chemicals
No need to stock or replace cartridges, bags, etc … Better working environment, minimal contact with the media
Easy and fast service of filters (10min to change sieve)
Robust construction in Acid-resistant steel SS-316

Industrial filters for use in continuous operation

For production processes whose cost-effectiveness depend on continuous operation, We offers a wide range of automatic and process filters. They are extremely powerful, clean automatically and eliminate the need for chemicals to clean process fluids. With continuous development of materials and design, Industrial filters keep pace with increasing demands on product quality and component resistance during operation. By optimally cleaning lubricants and fuels as well as process and wash water, Our automatic and process filters increase the lifetime of machines. The required amount for process fluids gets reduced.

The high quality of the industrial filters guarantees maximum employee protection. It also guarantees a consistently high level of efficiency over a very long period of time.


Standards of water treatment, both waste and potable, continue to improve as technology innovates and environmental and consumer expectations grow.

With our vendor we are forefront of the filtration technology employed to continually improve the quality of water being distributed by our municipalities for consumption in households, hospitals and businesses or being treated for discharge to the environment, whit solutions down to 1 ppm.

Environmental challenges are at the forefront of many companies and with water treatment filtration systems our technologies can help combat bacteria and micro-organisms as well as the removal of hazardous substances and particles.

Innovating filtration techniques to meet the requirements of worldwide governing bodies and regulations. Water filtration is a significant stage within the wastewater treatment process and involves multiple cycles including flocculation, coagulation and sedimentation. We guarantee that our products will perform to the maximum level and produce high quality results. This aligns with our mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.


Sewage Treatment Plants STP Series for marine applications are designed for the treatment of black (from WC, urinals, and hospital) and grey (sinks, showers, laundry and galley) water generated on board.

The treatment consists of the purification and subsequent disinfection of the water to achieve an effluent whose quality meets the IMO requirements.

The purification mechanism is based on a biological process of active sludge with extended aeration: the microorganisms in the biomass purify the water, so that no additional chemical treatment throughout the process is necessary.

The plants are built in a single steel module to ease transportation and on-board installation. The module is divided into three chambers (aeration, settling and discharge/disinfection), each of them with their respective inspection accesses.

Certified by the Maritime Coastguard Agency and the CE

Standard Features • Meet IMO Resolutions MEPC-2(VI) and MEPC-159(55) • Certified by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the CE • No sludge generation • No odour generation • Fully automatic operation driven by PLC • Inside and outside Epoxy protective coating • Aeration system compounded by blower, air supply pipe, bubble diffusers, filter and air relief valve • Automatic sludge recirculation system • Access and inspection registers in every chamber • Electrical control panel, with IP-55 protection, including operation synoptic panel • Vacuum ejectors • Circulating pumps

Options • Stand-by blower • Stand-by discharge pump • Chlorine solution dosing pump • Grease trap

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