Operational Support

We aim to supply professionals for drilling and maritime operations and can provide skilled staff suitable to any on- and offshore operation – worldwide.

Central areas

We cover operations of DP rigs & anchor drilling rigs (MODUs), drill ships, Jack-up rigs, as well as others on request. See this list of which central areas our staff covers.

  • Technical
  • Subsea
  • Marine
  • Electric

A Predictable everyday

The oil and gas industry is facing an increasing focus to limit the exposure to health, safety and environmental risk. It is vital that all areas of the operations are part of controlled process.

Respect of risk, cost and quality

We are always willing to assist and make sure that our services match our client’s expectations, contributing to a predictable everyday in terms of risk, cost and quality.

Project management

Project management means taking the load from your shoulders, helping you to reach your objectives, on time and within budget. We have the capability, the personnel and extensive experience for professional execution of projects.

Survey & Inspection

Our long experience from the shipping and the offshore industry provides you with valuable expertise and in-house resources to fully support inspection and evaluation services. Our expertise will also save you time and money.

Energy & Efficiency

We offer a range of services from decision-making support to full-service management and operations.